Country Courtyard

My team have often lampooned me for putting curves into everything I design. When I first met the lovely family who built this unusually long and narrow shiplap timber clad house to capture as much passive solar energy as possible, they craved a courtyard to balance the length and give the living space a bit of girth around the middle, greenery yes, but nothing too tall that would interfere with harvesting the sun's energy. For a change, my first design thoughts riffed off the linearity - introducing angles and colliding intersecting lines and I was very pleased with myself to come up with something that I thought was playful and sharp but decidedly un-curvy. 

How badly I misread their needs! Curves were definitely required to mitigate against all that linearity, and even though the outline of the courtyard had to be rectangular, within that perimeter we introduced a series of softnesses and mounds to give it an organic heart around the pizza oven.