Strickland - Auditorium

When I first met the owner of this steep property, with a house on stilts soaring loftily above the Cascades in South Hobart, the underside of his house was a barren slope with a couple of roughly hewn dusty ledges carved into it and a deck tucked over to one corner with a bbq on it. My client had dreams of turning it into a music venue and entertaining area. 

The design process was very organic, evolving from a handful of conceptual notions (a gabion retaining wall was needed; seating for the audience; more deck space for the performers; a place to stand/serve drinks/mix sound) and often worked out on scraps of paper and in the margins of notepads as we went along. 

We had a lot of fun along the way, and it was an honour to be invited to the first gig performed there.